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‘It took seven tries to make our baby dream come true'

It took seven attempts at IVF for a Carlow couple before their beautiful baby Kayla was born just 12 weeks ago

Proud mum Gina Coakley (31) says that she and her long-term partner Jason Carter had first decided to have a baby when they were about 22.

“What happened was I thought I was pregnant, and I took a test. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t pregnant, I realised I wanted a baby,” explains Gina.

She says that she thought it would take six months to a year for it to happen, but it didn’t. After trying for two years, Gina says that she then went to her GP, and was referred onwards for initial testing.

She says that because she was in the public system, it took three years from the first visit to a GP to beginning infertility treatment at a clinic, which they had to pay for privately themselves.

Gina says that the first IVF attempt was in 2007, but it didn’t work. Three further attempts failed. While she did succeed in becoming pregnant on the fifth attempt, she tragically had a miscarriage at seven weeks.

The sixth attempt also resulted in pregnancy, but Gina had another miscarriage at 10 weeks.

Gina says she did not consider giving up at this stage. “We knew I could get pregnant now,” she explains.


It was the seventh attempt that was to prove successful. “I was nervous the whole way through until the end,” says Gina, who just wanted to hold her baby in her arms.

“Kayla was born on November, 24 2010 in St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny, weighing nine pounds six ounces. She was 10 days over,” says Gina.

The couple’s unique story has given heart to other couples in the same boat who have heard about it.

“I’ve had a couple of letters and emails from people who went through failed attempts. They read my story, and know it can work, and say they will try again. It can take a while. Some people are lucky and it works straight away, but for some, you have to keep going,” she says.

Gina says that there are many treatment options out there. The dental nurse, who lives in Ballinabranna, Carlow, says that Kayla is a great baby, and she and Jason are enjoying being parents.