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How much leave should a woman take?

Rebecca Lee (25), Glenageary

"I would say four months. I've heard that after two months it's all right to leave your baby with another person. It's important for women to get back in the workplace -- for themselves and for their career."

Lisa Ryan (21), Ballsbridge

"I think the ideal amount of time to take off would be six or seven months. Women and men should share maternity leave but the woman should still take longer off work."

Lisa Condon (24), Dublin 2

"Four or five months is ideal. That gives you enough time to bond with your baby.

And the time should really be shared equally between both men and women."

Emma Molins (33), Goatstown

"I think what we have in Ireland is perfect. At six months a baby can sit up and is old enough to go to a creche.

If you do have to go back to work earlier than that, then you are likely to need a lot of support."

Shauna Cullen (23), Ballsbridge

"Nine to 10 months. That would give you enough time to bond with your baby and get used to the whole new experience."

Katie Slattery (21), Mount Merrion

"Women should be able to take 24 weeks' unpaid leave on top of their maternity leave."