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Get sale savvy to snap up some beauty bargains

Bargains are everywhere this year and we're seeing discounts on beauty products too, traditionally not something that gets much of a reduction come sale time. If you are thinking about snapping up a few special offers this January, then remember, 'fashion rules' apply.

Firstly, just like that puffball skirt you got for a fiver but which makes your thighs look like a shot-putter's, with beauty, it's not a bargain either if you won't use it.

If you bag a discounted fragrance coffret, check that you actually like the scent. Likewise, for colour cosmetics, will the shades in that cheap palette suit your skintone?

And lastly, if you see skincare heavily discounted, check the sell-by date -- if the expiry date is very soon, you're not going to be able to use it all before it goes bad.

Happy shopping!