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Gender geography

So what are your chances of having a daughter, depending on what part of the country you live in?

The trend for more boys is seen in the birth rates in the Dublin region, where 20,607 babies were born in 2009. Once again, boys pipped girls, with 10,697 boys being born, compared to 9,910 girls.

A look at the statistics summary for 2009 suggests that being resident in Galway city ups a woman's chance of giving birth to a baby daughter. A total of 1,056 babies were born in Galway city, with a total of 546 girls compared to 510 boys.

However, should you want to add a pink tutu to a family of blue soccer gear, don't move to Kilkenny, where 750 boys were born, compared to 642 girls.

'Jack' and 'Sophie' were the most popular babies' names registered in 2009. 'Jack' retained the top position it held in 2007 and 2008, while for the first time 'Sophie' took the number-one spot, climbing from sixth place in 2008.