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Energy Savers

Switching provider isn't the only way to save money on electricity. There are low-cost and no-cost measures that can shave euros from your annual power bill.

The immersion heater is one of the biggest energy hogs in the house. According to the ESB, heating a 120L full cylinder will cost about €1.30 per day. Heating a smaller quantity -- say 40 litres, using the 'sink' switch will cost about 45c and take about 50 minutes to fully heat. If your cylinder doesn't have a lagging jacket, get one. And install a countdown timer or a programmable timer on the immersion switch to avoid those "Oh my god the immersion's been on for three days" moments.

Lighting is another area where savings can be made. Check out ESB's energy-efficient lighting guide at www.esb.ie, where they'll talk you through the different options. CFLs or halogen bulbs will have a substantial impact on your energy bills over time.

For a range of other energy saving tips, check out www.seai.ie, the website of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.