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Diary of recessionista: Struggling to banish those January blues

I often mention how I'm such a positive person, that I like to go about my day with a sprinkle of optimism. But really, it's hard right now -- not least because of the recent cold snap. I do like being cosy inside when the sleet is slapping against the window, but getting out of bed in icy temperatures is not fun.

There's no getting past it, January is pretty crap. Who are these people who are well-rested after a relaxing break? I ended up so relaxed I couldn't sleep the night before starting back to work and had to bundle myself into a taxi, wasting money I don't have, instead of skating across to catch the bus on time.

Then there's feeling horribly bloated. I devoured the last of the festive food, resigning myself to a month of soup thereafter, but there's nothing as uncomfortable as those first few days when your clothes feel tight and it's too snowy to compensate by wearing great shoes.

Two of my friends had the right idea -- heading off to South America while the rest of us were gearing up for huddling near the radiator. They set off on their travels in the first miserable week of January, giving a symbolic two frosty fingers to the recession and the big freeze. Weather aside, I just hate the Christmas aftermath, possibly because I get so overcome with excitement each year from November that it's always difficult to readjust to a normal life -- for the first few days I honestly feel like I can't remember a world without Christmas. I'll be back to my usual, happy self next week. Really, I am very excited for 2010, just once we can walk around town again without slipping -- tiptoeing through sludge does nothing to help beat the Christmas calories!