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Case Studies

The European Consumer Centre says almost a third of complaints it gets relate to air passengers' rights. Here are two examples:

> An Irish consumer attempted to book a flight with a UK airline.

Just as the transaction was due to be completed, a message appeared stating "server error, transaction cancelled, try again later". The consumer tried to book again and the same message came up on his screen. No confirmation email was received by the consumer but the airline later told him two tickets had been booked in his name, which they refused to refund. Following the intervention of ECC Ireland, the consumer received a full refund of £240 (€289).

> An Irish consumer booked flights with a Greek airline as part of his honeymoon package.

Shortly before he was due to travel, the airline told the consumer his flight was cancelled and offered an alternative indirect flight. The consumer refused, and booked with another airline. The trader promised a refund of the cancelled flight but this was never issued. He was subsequently told the airline was going into liquidation. ECC Ireland sought assistance from their colleagues in ECC Greece and he was refunded his €317.34 in full.