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Boy, oh boy, oh boy!

THREE Dublin sisters became mothers to three boys -- within eight days of each other

Eileen Teeling and her sisters Stephanie Gilligan and Francesca Clarke were stunned to discover they were all due around the same time. But none of them anticipated how close the three births would be, within a few days in the month of May.

"Who would have thought it that the three of us would have children so close together," Eileen said. "Anyone who comes around to my mam's for a cup of tea, they ask 'is there fertility drugs in it?'!

"We found out we were pregnant at the same time but we had different due dates -- I was due May 1, Francesca was due May 9 and Stephanie May 14 -- but I was the last to go. They were all born healthy, that's the most important thing."

The first baby to arrive was Francesca's baby Jamie on May 2, followed a day later by Sean, Stephanie's son. Then Eileen was last of the three to give birth, to Dayne on May 11.

The sisters said that they swapped tips about their pregnancy and are helping each other out with baby clothes and equipment.

"It was so nice that the three of us were going through everything together," Eileen said. The three women all live close to Ballyfermot, where they grew up.

Granddad Frank and grandmother Eileen were thrilled to welcome another three babies to the growing brood of 21 grandchildren.

The Clarke sisters held a joint Christening in St Matthew's Church on August 13 and celebrated with their extended family at The 79 Pub. "It was such a great day -- we were going to do our separate celebrations but we decided to have it all together," Eileen said.