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Aspirin doesn't help IVF women to get pregnant

The review, reported in the Cochrane Library, combined the results of 13 international studies and discovered that a low daily dose of aspirin had no clear effect on either an IVF pregnancy or birth rates.

Three of the studies looked at birth rates. Of 525 women who used aspirin during their IVF treatment cycle, 108 gave birth.

But of 528 women not given aspirin, 119 gave birth.

"Couples undergoing IVF often feel so desperate that they are prepared to try anything that may improve their chances of conceiving," said Charalambos Siristatidis, of the University of Athens in Greece, who led the research.

"But given the current evidence, there is still no basis to recommend that women take aspirin to help them become pregnant."

In theory, aspirin could improve IVF success by boosting blood flow to the ovaries and uterus. But studies have come to mixed conclusions.