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50 steps to be a success at work

Dublin strategic consultant Veronica Canning's work regularly finds her helping women make the most of their talents, and as a consequence she has met a lot of successful women down through the years.

So why do some women make it to the top of their jobs while others lag behind? Successful women have a strategy and self-belief, believes Veronica, as she writes in her new book Shoeisms: Working Woman's Guide To Take Control And Be The Sassy, Successful Woman You Know You Can Be.

A 'shoeism' is a provocative idea, and Veronica proposes 50 of them in her book, which aims to kickstart the successful career woman inside every woman who works.

1 Keep an idea box

Buy some small note cards and use them to capture ideas as they occur to you.

2 Each action affects your big audacious ambition

A clear attribute of a successful woman is her ability to see her future in a crystal-clear fashion, and act positively on it.

3 Take baby steps

Taking any action means you are moving forward, and baby steps can be the beginning of success.

4 Everything you want is on the other side of fear

Fear makes serial procrastinators out of women. The next time you feel fearful, stop, rethink and focus on what is on the other side of your fear.

5 Believe in yourself

A healthy self-belief and one single good idea can create success. Low self-belief and several good ideas can create failure.

6 Abandon the twin fears

They are fear of failure and fear of success. Women who overcame these fears found that when they did things in their own unique way it usually worked for them.

7 Change your thoughts

Challenge your thoughts about yourself. A woman's view of herself is vital to how successful she will be.

8 Know your hot spots and control them

What triggers make you overeact? Women are too often accused of being over-emotional, so know what pushes your button, and how to calm your reactions.

9 Even when you fall, always fall forward

Never be afraid to do something because you think you might make a mistake.

10 End each week by making your own plan for the following week

A successful woman never leaves work on Friday without knowing what she wants to achieve the following week.

11 Until now

Remember you have behaved one way 'until now', and will behave in a way more conducive to success 'from now on'.

12 Act like a tortoise

Slow and steady wins the race, but if you know you are correct stick your neck out of your shell and go for it.

13 Write morning pages

You will never get a better insight into your own mind and it's workings than by writing your thoughts down first thing in the morning.

14 You would be great if you got out of your own way.

Women trap themselves by telling themselves why they can't have what they want.

15 Fake it until you make it

Believe you are already successful, already living your vision.

16 Embrace change.

Women can fear change in life, deceiving themselves that things staying the same means being in control.

17 Always look forward.

You are in charge of your own destiny, so you had better make the most of it!

18 Capture your ideas and write them down

It's shocking how we let our best ideas slip away into the cracks of the day.

19 Donate to the favour bank

Donate to the giant favour bank by doing favours for good people.

20 You make your future in the future

A defining characteristic of successful women is that they are future-focused.

21 Don't be merely successful, be significant

It's not all about money and fame, and truly successful people give back to society.

22 Make your message match the messenger

Success comes with sincerity.

23 Explore other domains

A woman can live or work in a particular domain and get confined in it.

24 Act strategically to achieve your big audacious ambition

It's time to stop being a Messy Molly. You will not succeed in a haphazard fashion, with no ideas or targets or time frames.

25 Don't be a hoarder, learn to let things go

Women love to hoard -- whether it's physical clutter, or emotions, grudges or psychic wounds from the past. Learn to let go.

26 Find the best and benchmark against them

Find out who is excellent in an area you are not, and benefit from their experience.

27 Find your adult state

There are a lot of grown-up children in the workplace. It is never appropriate to throw your toys out of the pram when something doesn't go your way.

28 Thrive not survive

Life is too short to simply survive. List the things you need to thrive, and go get them.

29 Detach the monkey people

Women love to help, yet you must dump the work colleagues who dump their work on you.

30 Build a positive energy bubble around you

Every morning in the shower imagine a giant bubble around you, and fill it with positive energy.

31 With self-belief, you can do anything

Research shows that a woman is held back by a lack of self-belief more than anything else in life.

32 Tell 'big sis' where to get off

You inner critic will tell you where you go wrong, and never where you went right. Tell her to get lost.

33 Make your body your temple

A woman's health really is her wealth.

34 Don't waste your anger

Don't squander you energy on winning petty points.

35 Don't harbour resentments

Women have a talent for remembering how people let them down. Yet holding onto resentments is like carrying around a jar of corrosive acid inside you.

36 Withdraw from negativity

Your thoughts rule your life, so let them be positive thoughts.

37 Surround yourself with enriching people

Enriching people are those who, although they understand the realities of economic life, nevertheless remain positive and upbeat in their outlook.

38 Don't answer questions, respond to them

Look behind a question and see what the other person really wants to know.

39 Beware of resistance

When you are about to make a breakthrough in life, all manner of resistances appear. Being aware of this helps you move forward nevertheless.

40 Be realistic with yourself

Set yourself up for success by setting realistic goals.

41 Life is too short for regrets

A woman is more inclined than a man to look backwards and try to change things. But you can't change the past.

42 Have clear boundaries

You leave yourself open to negative influences when your personal space is wide open.

43 Never live from a scarcity perspective

A woman is doomed if she lives her life from the viewpoint that there is not enough to go around.

44 Conserve your inner essence.

Keep giving to work, family and friends, without refilling yourself with rest and calm, and you will burn out.

45 Protect your dreams

Only share your dreams with highly supportive and positive people.

46 You can't afford the luxury of one single negative thought

Negative thinking has a corrosive effect on you, and you become hard on yourself.

47 Give yourself permission to take time off. Alone

Being alone in a relaxing, enriching environment is a human right for women.

48 Find your special place of tranquillity

Establish a routine for visiting a place for when you need to become calm. Do it often, and your mind will associate that place with calm.

49 You can solve intractable problems while you sleep

Sleep on a problem and let your mind take over. Often you will think of the solution the next day.

50 You can never have too many shoes

Don't mind what anyone says, shoes maketh the outfit -- and the woman.

Shoeisms: Working Woman's Guide To Take Control And Be The Sassy, Successful Woman You Know You Can Be, by Veronica Canning, published by Morgan James, price €20, more info on www.shoeisms.com