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10 Furnishings to encourage studying

Getting back to studying again after a summer off can be difficult and a comfortable study environment in the home can help your child. A big enough desk, a comfortable chair, good lighting and adequate storage are all that is needed.

>1 sitting pretty A comfortable seat is easier to sit in for longer spells. Green swivel chair €94.99 Argos

>2 well lit A good lamp will reduce eye strain. Snoig work lamp, green €19.99 Ikea

>3 supportive This back rest slips easily over any chair and has a spring cushion effect that supports good posture. Sit Right €7.99 www.JMLdirect.com

>4 minimalist Organic curves for a style-conscious student. Beech desk €60.99 Gas lift chair €22.99 Argos

>5 sleek Neat and unobtrusive, this desk has plenty of space for storage. Malibu black desk €64.99 Argos

>6 pin up A very visible place to put a timetable and important notes can make it much easier to stay organised. Cork memo notice board with hooks €11.99 Argos

>7 splash of colour A colourful chair will look better in a bedroom and be more inviting to sit on. Armrests are optional. Klemens swivel chair €54.99 Ikea

>8 tight fit Snug corner unit to fit into a small nook. Jane Computer Desk €29.99 Woodies

>9 stand tall Just enough room for a year's worth of secondary school books, so they are all on display and easy to find. Arizona display unit with four drawers €139 www.littlewoodsireland.ie

>10 all done It's very satisfying to close up a desk when the work is done. Vega fold-away computer desk €124 www.littlewoods.ie