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Hey, nice designer Irish handbag... but that's not a shamrock!

EXCLUSIVE design house Hermes has launched a one-off Irish handbag.

The French company has brought out a 'Passe-Guide Ireland' bag -- but has gone for a rare four-leaf clover rather than a shamrock.

The handbag aims to capture the "romanticism and mystery of the Emerald Isle" with a vivid green crocodile skin.

And bizarrely, the clover could actually make the Irish version even more exclusive -- with a price tag of around €30,000.


Waiting-lists for Hermes bags are usually more than a year long, but impatient fashionistas will be able to bid for a limited collection next month.

Hermes has created four unique versions of its prestigious Passe-Guide handbags, representing Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, which will be auctioned off for charity between May 14 and May 31.

Ireland's premier WAG Claudine Keane and model Georgia Salpa are among the trend-setters who are expected to jump at the opportunity of owning the Irish one.

Both have previously shown a marked preference for the French house's leather bags.

The four handbags will be unveiled at the launch of Hermes's Leather Forever exhibition in London on May 8, before luxury auction house Christie's starts taking bids on May 14. All proceeds will be donated to the Royal Academy of Arts in the UK.