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Why being fit with a little fat is a look that works for women

We are still getting a great response to our summer workout articles. Many readers are getting three complete sets done in 45 minutes, which is fantastic work.

Now we are adding in the next phase of four exercises. So try and keep the pace you are reaching at present. You will find, if you add on and keep moving fast, you will eventually, after a few more weeks, keep your target time of 45 minutes while continuing to add the new exercises.

The fitter you become, the lower your target time will become, once you keep your training days set as you had planned - day on, day off. So, three times weekly is sufficient to achieve great levels of fitness.

It's the consistency and moving fast that will determine your progress. See it as a long-term fitness programme. Also, give yourself time to recover and repair the muscle groups that have been worked.

There's no benefit from over-training, so less is more for some when trying to gain fitness and lose body fat.

One question to ask yourself if body fat and weight loss is not happening: are you on any medication of any kind?

Whether it is for asthma, blood pressure, antacid tablets, the pill and so on. I'm not suggesting that at any stage you should stop taking the prescribed medications, but just to realise that many of those medicines have a tendency to decrease the level of the fat-burning mechanism in the body.

Many clients who train really hard and sometimes don't lose much weight or body fat, can find it hard and discouraging.

So check out if there are side effects of anything you are taking. Can it cause water retention? If so, by modifying your diet and routine, and often by simply working a little harder, you will kick start your metabolism and fat and weight loss can occur.

body fat

I think a little body fat when you are fit can look a lot healthier then the gaunt look, with no life force or energy. It is fitness and lower internal body fat, particularly around the waist, that is the most important.

So continue to work hard, watch your time with the routine go down and, if you have a training partner, keep pushing each other to your respective limits.

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deadlift Standing with feet side by side and knees slightly bent, lower the weight down towards the floor with straight arms. Keep the back as straight as you can, then return to start position. Repeat.

pull OVER Lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent, hold the weight over your chest and bring it back over your head, keeping the lower back down. Pull back up again to your chest.

bent OVER ROW Standing in lunge position, keep your back flat and straight. Pull the weight from the floor up towards your shoulder and back down.

Weighted SIT-UP Holding the ball over your chest, crunch up with straight arms, pushing the ball diagonally up. Lower yourself slowly back down.