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When Sell-outs reach their sell-by date

LIZ Hurley was once an anti-fashionista. She went through a punk stage, complete with pink hair and nose ring. "When I was 16 -- this was about 1981,82 -- the thing to be in Basingstoke, the suburb I grew up in, was punk. Which, as any hip person will tell you, was way past its sell-by date," she once admitted.

Sophie Dahl heralded the beginning of an exiting fashion movement when she strided down the catwalk as a size 16. Recent years have seen her whittle down to a size eight however, earning her the wrath of the very women whom she had originally inspired.

Who can forget queen of grunge Courtney Love's Hollywood makeover when the wife of late rocker Kurt Cobain traded in the ripped whalenet tights and smudged lipstick in favour of a sleek cropped bob and satin Goddess-gowns. The punk community certainly can't -- they branded her a sell-out.