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when print has a fashion moment

HIGHSTREET brand Oasis has long been known for its gorgeous prints, and this season it has teamed up with renowned (not to mention very cool) ceramic designer Peter Ting to launch a capsule collection with his prints.

Ting's work is normally seen on delicate china tea sets at an Afternoon Tea in Claridge's, London, but his prints have now happily been transcended on to gorgeous dresses, trousers, tops and bomber jackets for autumn/winter at Oasis.

Pictured: Peter Ting 
Flutter printed top €35, skirt €35, shoes €62, all at Oasis.

coin collectors

some women have their diehard favourites when it comes to the jewellery they wear and stick to them resolutely while others like their accessories to be more of the moment.

Momenti Jewellery is, as the name would suggest, in the second camp.

It comprises a collection of beautifully-designed coins and chains that slot into matching coin holders.

This interchangeable jewellery allows you to design your own personal necklace to suit all occasions and moods.

The lockets are made up of three components: a chain, coin holder and coin, each of which can be bought separately so you can mix and match some of the must-have pieces. The chains and coin holders are available in shades of silver, gold and rose gold with a wide variety of designs. Prices for chains and coins start from €20, with the various discs and coin holders ranging up to €45 from Carraig Donn and online at www.carraigdonn.com

Go With The Glow

Serums are frequently underrated, but they can often help boost dull, tired skin more 
effectively than a cream counterpart.

Vichy's Idealia Life Serum is a good place to start if you're new to the idea - its literature claims to help counter stress, pollution and unbalanced diet, but much like managing your figure there are no magic solutions if your lifestyle is too far out of kilter - but it will help with four concerns many of us share, including:

1.SKIN TONE: Dull, grey complexion

2.SKIN CONTRASTS: Uneven and marked skin, uneven colouring, papier mache complexion

3.EXPRESSIVITY: Sad, tired-looking face, dark shadows, drawn features

4.SKIN BALANCE: Enlarged pores, oily and dry patches

The serum costs €34.50 and is available from pharmacies nationwide.

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