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Vox Pop - What do you think?

Are you making any changes to your diet this year? And which celebrity has the best body?

Emer Travers (26), Blanchardstown

I want to eat more healthily this year. I've been over-eating lately and having too many burgers. I'll be making my own meals from scratch from now. Kate Moss has a great body.

Arta Kroni (18), Ballyfermot

I want to cut down on chocolate and do more exercise. You can eat as much as you want if you exercise a few times a week. Brian O'Driscoll is pretty fit.

Jean Brennan (38),


Drinking plenty of water is the cornerstone of a good diet. I also want to eat more fruit. George Clooney has a good body.

Danielle O'Rourke (20), D6

I plan to get fit; walk more and take fewer buses. Also to cut back on takeaways and eat more fruit and veg. David Beckham and Jennifer Aniston look pretty good.

Jessi Dean (18), Dun Laoghaire

To drink less alcohol; I overdid it a bit over Christmas. I also want to eat more fruit. Jessica Alba has a great body.

Aoife Corry (21), Clonskeagh

I haven't done anything yet but I plan to cut down on fast food and maybe go to the gym a bit more. Cheryl Cole looks great.