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Vox Pop: Are guys spending more time grooming?

Lynda Keogh (19), Foxrock

"Yes, most guys I know have their eyebrows trimmed. And when they go on holidays, they get their chests waxed. I'm okay with that, especially if they're a buff rugby type. However, back, sack and crack would be taking things too far."

Elaine Coen (35), Dublin 7

"Absolutely. Every guy uses moisturiser and facial scrubs. They're either buying their own or using their wives' or girlfriends' products.

"I think that it's a bit off-putting if a guy is actually spending more time in the bathroom than you do. That's what your gay friends do!"

Karen Savage (25), Drumcondra

"Yes, definitely Dublin guys are. They're getting their hair done and having fake tans.

They shower more often and some of them are even wearing mascara!

I do think that chest waxing is taking it too far, though."

Vivienne Doyle (21) Dundrum

"Yes, they're looking after their hair more and buying hair products and using moisturiser. Some guys spend more time in the bathroom than girls. Male make-up is too much and I don't like aftershave on a guy -- I like the natural smell."

Aoife Hiney, Rathgar

"They are definitely. In the last few years, it's become much more common. Irish men aren't afraid to moisturise and look after their appearance. "It's not good if a man takes longer than you to get ready.

"And I'd find it hard to take a man with a GHD seriously."

Charlotte Salaman (20), Dublin 2

"Yes, blokes are getting more facials, using more hair gels and hair products. And it's also acceptable for a guy to have a massage. However, I don't like a guy to be waxed, he should be natural."