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Tried and tested: Shampoos and conditioners

When I began as your trusty Tried & Tester, I was terrified of new shampoos -- I hated risking a bad hair day. Now I enjoy the experience of broadening my horizons. What have you got to lose? If you find a shampoo and conditioner that you adore, then you've gained a lot.

AUSSIE Colour Mate Shampoo and Conditioner, €11/11 * * * * *

This works a treat, and Aussie has made the conditioner smaller than the shampoo, which totally makes sense because you use more shampoo than condtioner. Both of these products work really well and add shine that freshens up my colour.

BURT'S BEES Color Keeper Green Tea & Fennel Seed Shampoo and Conditioner, €14/€14 * * * *

This smells so good you almost can't believe it. I lashed on the conditioner like it was going out of style because I reckoned that more was more, and my hair would continue to be fragrant. Must say, though, that for a 'colour keeper' my hair felt that bit too dry. Burt needs to make a green tea & fennel seed hair serum. I will queue up at the nearest health food shop for that.

LUSH I Love Juicy Shampoo & Veganese Conditioner, €6.20/€5.40 * * *

I'm a big fan of the Lush brand these days, and I mostly liked this combo. Well, I liked the shampoo most, as the conditioner made my hair feel drier than when I started -- oops. The shampoo is great, though.

PHYTO Phytocitrus Restructuring Shampoo and USPA Supernatural Kashmir Moisturising Conditioner, €11/€30 * * * *

Go easy on both of these, but if you're looking for a sleek, salon vibe, you need look no further. They don't share the same brand name and I matched these two up when their proper mates didn't materialise. Anyway, they complement each other nicely, and I looked like I'd spent a bomb getting my hair done professionally.

L’ORÉAL Elvive Full Restore Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner, €5/€5 * * * * *

Brilliant! Both have a lovely, light scent that smells super clean, and I didn't need my hair serum to prevent fly-aways. Another combo that makes you look like you paid somebody else to do your hair. Plus, you can pick this brand up just about anywhere.