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Tried and tested: Facial scrubs

Hooray! It's time to prepare the face for tanning. After the weekend we've had, you'll have already started a proper, sunshine-induced base, although you will, of course, have used sunscreen.

The scrubs below won't scrape off any of your brownness, but they will help to create the perfect canvas upon which to apply the tan that will last you all summer long, no matter the weather. And if you don't want to tan, you still want to glow, don't you?

ESTÉE LAUDER Idealist Dual-Action Refinishing Treatment, €50 * * * *

There is much love for this one because it goes on warm, as if you were getting a special facial in a swanky spa, but you're actually in your own bathroom. Applied to a wet face, it gently heats up on contact, and you just rub and rub until it cools off -- which it seems to do all too quickly. This wanders into face-mask territory but, at this time of year, anything that gets rid of dead skin cells is fine by me.

LIZ EARLE Gentle Face Exfoliator, €14 * * *

Ooh, this is a tough one because it's gentle and I really prefer to give my face a good going over -- so what is three stars for me may be five for someone with sensitive skin. It is loaded with herbs and stuff, and you get an especially nice blast of refreshing eucalyptus. It feels very wakey-uppy and I suppose it's better for your delicate visage the way it is.

PAUL & JOE Facial Gommage, €16 * *

Puts the 'gomm' in 'gommage': this is super sticky and it does make one feel as if the 'gomm' has remained behind. In this case, the carrier of the scrubby bits overwhelms them, and almost renders them useless.

THE BODY SHOP Vitamin C Micro Refiner, €21 * * * *

On the other hand! Easy does it with this one as it's super abrasive. Which is great, if you've had warning -- which you do now. If your skin is really tough to refine, this is the refiner for you! But still, be careful!

GARNIER Pure Active Exfo-Brusher Wash, €11.69 * * * * *

OMG this is the best fun ever: it's a brush that you use on your face! You twist the top to the side, and squeeze to dispense the product onto the bristles, and then start buffing away. I was a little afraid of the brush, because it looked potentially sore. But it is not, it is soft and yet gets the job done. My face was shiny clean and glowing, for real.