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Tried and tested: Bubble bath and bombs

Bubble, bubble, send your toil and trouble down the drain. Hydrotherapy has been with us for centuries, and even if you haven't got a Jacuzzi, you can set yourself up for some excellent at-home pampering with bubble baths and bath bombs.

The bombs are kind of a poor gal's Jacuzzi and are easier on the electricity bills. I tried all manner of aquatic accessories, and am delighted to share my thoughts about them with you.

LUSH Geo Phyzz, The Comforter Bubble Bar and Happy Blooming Bath Melt €5.20/4.95/4.50 * * * * *

Wish I could give these six stars, or even maybe 20. I don't know exactly what was in these gorgeous specimens of bubbly fun, but full of it they were -- all kinds of essential oils and herbs and flowers and God knows what. The Geo Phyzz is a one-shot deal, but what a shot it is: smells amazing, turns your bathwater a lovely teal colour, and you can feel your skin silkening from the get go. The other two are good for at least three baths. I loved both of them, with the Happy Blooming giving a lot of value and scent for a small slice.

EXTRACTS Ginger Bath Soak, €1.35 * * * * Hurray, ginger! If you're looking to have a snooze in the bubbles, don't go there; if you're having a soak to make yourself feel happier and full of life, then this is yer only man. Could be frothier, though: I had to use way too much to create the full-on tub-of- bubbles effect. But, hey? I could use one entire bottle for one bath, at this price!

EARTH SPA (Marks & Spencer) Bath and Body Wonder Oil, €8 * * *

Eek, things get a bit slippery with this stuff. The oil creates a gorgeous scent and it feels indulgent to sink into the silky water. Even better: use it as a moisturiser on your wet skin when you get out.

THE BODY SHOP Mango Bath Fizzy, €3.75 * *

Half the size of a Lush bomb, I was already suspicious about the efficacy of this little ball of beautiful bathing. Why, you may ask? Well, if a Lush bomb, which is basically the size of a baby's head, dissolves sharpish under the water rushing from the taps, how quickly is this one going to melt, and will it have the same impact? In a word: no. It doesn't come to pieces, which may seem like a good thing, but it's not, because it didn't make much of an impression in the bath. Even though I had enough left for another round of bathing, the second time I wasn't so lucky. Take a miss.