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Tress Distress

REMEMBER in Little Women how Jo’s hair was always referred to as "her one beauty"?

This always annoyed me, as Jo was, of course, resourceful and smart and the sole reason her entire family didn’t go down the swanny. Having said that, good hair is important to one’s self-esteem, and it doesn’t hurt to take care of it.

Shining locks can act as the gateway beauty to highlight all your other ones, so get shampooing and conditioning!

JOHN FREIDA COLLECTION Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Shampoo and Conditioner, €5.99/€5.99 * * * *

Even though summer’s over, it seems a darn shame to lose some of the look of it. I have finally stopped tanning, but I don’t think that highlights need go the way of the dodo, even though it’s autumn. This is great for giving the lights a lift, but my hair felt a wee bit too dry, even with the use of the conditioner. If you’re not blonde, there’s a Brilliant Brunette line you can give a go.

LUSH The Blonde Solid Shampoo and Jungle Solid Conditioner, €5.50/€4.90, * * * * * / *

Oh, my goodness, how I loved The Blonde bar of shampoo. Rubbing it all over my head made me feel like a little kid, but the results were allwoman: shiny locks that smelled glorious. The conditioner? Not so much: I tried everything barring sticking it in the microwave to get it to soften up and do its job. But the shampoo? Super fantastic. I’ve got a new favourite.

PANTENE PRO V Ice Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, €2.39/€2.39, * * *

I do love the feel of most of Pantene’s output, but this didn’t do it for me. It did do something though, as it got three stars — it made my hair feel sleek and eminently detangle-able but I didn’t get a second day out of it, which was a drag. This feels like a good one to use when you hair feels dry and poofy.

KERASTASE Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo and Lait Vital Conditioner, €16/€16 * * * *

I’ve always loved this product. It smells amazing, and gives your hair the sheen of the salon. However, since I’m trying to get a couple of days out of a shampoo this didn’t make it through an entire second day. Bummer. Otherwise, this is gorgeous, and makes your tresses look that way, too.