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Time to come clean

I GENERALLY use an exfoliator to get my face clean, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Yet, some days, it can all feel too much, and I’d like to use something that’s a little gentler on the skin. Enter cleansers and face washes. These are great in the morning as a wake-up call, but are, of course, really useful at night when you want to wash the day off your gob. The variety of textures below were of particular interest.

LUSH Aquamarina, €7.90 * * * *

Ooh, this feels weird! It scoops out of the signature Lush black pot and the gummy texture takes some getting used to. But once on the face, it foams up like a dream.

There’s seaweed in there, which always makes me feel like I’m getting a nice, organic cleanse. You have to use this up fairly quickly though, as it is made from fresh ingredients, which felt like a race against time.

VOYA Cleanse and Mend Anti-Ageing Cleanser, €25 * * *

I know it’s my job and everything, but I can’t really put my finger on why this one didn’t earn raves. It felt, perhaps, that fraction too thick, and also as if it didn’t wash off completely. It is super gentle though, so I reached for this one when my skin was feeling harassed.

BENEFIT You Clean Up Nice! Face Wash, €23.50 * * *

Didn’t like the scent of this at all, which is a shame, because the texture of the wash was nice and light. It also gets down to serious business as regards cleaning off the last of the day’s slap, without stinging the eyes. I’ll keep it to hand, but hold my breath.

GARNIER Soft Essentials Foaming Cream Wash, €5.39 * * *

I loved the foaming action of this cleanser: it bubbled up nicely, and it felt luxurious to rub it all over my skin. It left a bit of residue though, making my face feel slightly tacky. It does the job on clearing away the make-up traces, so that’s good.

DERMALOGICA Dermal Clay Cleanser, €13.50 * * * * *

Like most Dermalogica products, one needs to use the barest amount for the biggest return. This makes the skin tingle, so it felt a bit like a combination mask/cleanser, and it invigorated every inch of my face. I love this, and use it especially on those extra slow mornings — it’s better than a cup of coffee.