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This man could change your life

This complete body workout is perfect for all the family to follow. Doing this workout you will work all the body parts, legs, arms, back, shoulders and tummy.

The only equipment you will need is two small dumbbells or two bottles of water. At the beginning of your workout you will aim to complete one set of 20 repetitions, your target should be to eventually complete three sets of 20 reps in 45 minutes, including stretching at the end.

Take your workout slowly at first and try to perform each movement correctly which will avoid strain or muscle injury. If at any stage you feel faint or weak, stop immediately. This can happen in the beginning. Be aware of it and don't overdo the pace. There is plenty of time ahead.

I have used this workout with thousands of people, including stars of stage and screen, with fantastic results. It combines cardio and resistance exercises which increase blood circulation and improving muscle tone and flexibility. The overall effect will be great tone, fat loss and improved heart and lung power.

At the start of your workout we use the legs quite a lot. The reason for this is that the legs are the engine of the body. Working the legs increases the lung power and is the precursor of releasing the growth hormone. The growth hormone diminishes after we reach 25 years of age resulting in increased body fat, lower energy levels, lack of libido etc. It is called the youth hormone and weight-bearing exercises help release it in a natural way. This is the elixir of youth.

When looking at body-fat ratio and body mass index (BMI) try to ignore the charts in books etc -- your body type and frame is more accurate in determining your weight. Wrist measurement and your body type can determine your ideal weight more accurately. I have learned in my 30 years of experience that most of the charts are out of touch with body types.


You must take the different body types into account. If you are, for example, the mesomorph type -- strong, heavy boned, wide hips, heavy set legs -- you will never end up looking like Kate Moss but you can make great improvements. This goes for everybody, but your shape is determined by both genetics and your frame type. Some typical frame times are as follows:

  • The tomboy look: lean features, broad shoulders, small waist and normally small joints.

  • Pear shape: soft muscle tone, large tummy, holds on to the fat in the lower region in the hips and thighs.

  • Round shape: overweight, large breasted, large tummy, arms and a very soft look to the body.

These are just a few characteristics of the different types but we can still make great improvement once you change your diet and exercise regime.

It is a futile exercise to aim to reduce fat in one area alone because your body fat composition will reduce everywhere in your body when you change your diet and put less pressure on your body.

The time spent exercising should be no more than a maximum of one hour three times a week or five times when you progress a little further.

Choose a time when you are on your own or with friends who are on a similar programme. This will encourage you to keep working out.

The best time for exercise depends on your energy levels. Some people prefer early morning. This is the best time for your workout as it helps to improve your circulation and increases your metabolism or simply gets your system warmed up to help make you feel sharper during the day. But pick the time which is most convenient for you and make a commitment for six weeks.

Stick to the programme, keep a note of how you feel and how your daily eating plan is going. This will help you to become more focused on what you want to achieve. It will be a personal map for the progress that will be made with a little effort.


I often advise people who are embarking on a new health plan not to disclose it to anyone until you are well into the plan and can see results. Often if you let people know in advance they can be inclined to discourage you with negative remarks. Only tell those who are really behind you and who want to encourage you.

The exercises we will be doing have been developed over years and this is a combination I have found to be the most effective for all ages.

There is no need to over exercise and end up with muscles that are so sore that you can hardly walk the next day. The burn and the pain are not necessary.

I call this programme cosmetic exercising, creating a leaner shape and giving the illusion of length.

At the start of your programme check if you have any medical problems or back problems or hip soreness. If you do have any medical problems it is always advisable to consult your doctor. At any stage if you don't feel well stop immediately. Look out for the stress signs such as breathlessness or feeling dizzy.

Allow at least an hour and a half after food before commencing your routine.

Work at your own pace. Don't push yourself too hard. Take it slowly.

Do just one set of between 10 and 15 repetitions for the first week. That would be Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The second week you can move up to two sets and then gently on the third week we do three sets of 15 repetitions.

If you find this too easy you can increase your repetitions to 20-25 reps five times a week. Only exercise five times if you can handle this workout with ease making sure not to strain your lower back or your legs. It may take a little longer to reach three sets but do it in your own time.

Your maximum length of a workout should be no more than one hour, including time for stretching and a cool down.

When you reach five times weekly training and you are following your diet plan, you will definitely see improvements, but remember the real purpose of exercise is to increase your energy. Increasing your energy levels, improves your metabolism, tones up slacking muscles and you get that good feeling that exercise can bring about with little effort.

Allowing three hours a week for yourself is not much. You deserve this for the new you. When you read about celebrities training two to three hours daily it may not necessarily be the case. Quite a lot of the stars claim that they get a nice shape by jumping up and down in aerobics, going for the burn. Most of this is just hype to sell videos. A lot of these people were born with great figures to start with and simply maintain the figure by working out.

I worked in Hollywood training the stars and I guarantee there are programmes involving special exercises combined with weight training using light weights for upper body work and firmness. It doesn't happen by accident.

The exercise programme you are about to start has been the most effective and produced the best results for men and women of all ages from 16 to 70. Combined with a low-fat eating plan and a mental image of what you want to achieve, your ideal figure can be yours. It is not that far away, you just have to believe that you deserve to have the figure you have always wanted and to improve your self worth.

You may slip a few times, or go on a bit of a binge but don't worry, don't feel guilty -- just start again tomorrow. Remember, Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before he developed the lightbulb so don't give up and don't allow others to take away your dream.

One simple exercise is to get a good photograph of yourself when you looked at your best. Get a few copies made. Put one on your ceiling, on your fridge, your car, your wallet, allow your mind to wander, to see when you were happy with your figure. This is called subconscious reshaping. If you tell yourself you are overweight your subconscious will oblige and it will programme whatever you instil in your mind, resulting in you working against yourself.

So if you want to make great improvements, begin by constantly looking at your new self and learn to accept your new programmed image. This method is now being used at sports and personal development programmes. Whatever you believe most will come about.


The new approach to illness or even back pain has been gentle exercise for correct positioning and alignment. If exercise is done correctly it can improve posture, help lower back pain, expand oxygen capacity through correct breathing giving more energy to digest food, improved circulation and generally give a sense of well-being.

Age is no barrier nowadays. For years it was thought that after 40 the body started to deteriorate and you should take up more gentle activity -- like knitting. This is nonsense. There are people exercising well into their eighties and still making progress and improving muscle tone.

Exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis keeping the joints mobile and improving muscle strength and so on. You can start at any age.

Exercise can be used to treat people with depression and stress problems with fantastic results. All you are doing is increasing your own life force.

Increasing your internal energy giving you that well-being from the inside out. After your workout why not treat yourself to a weekly massage by a trained masseur. Remember, as Pablo Picasso said: "It takes a little longer to become young."