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The rest of my life starts right here

All the signs of a good night were there: sore swollen feet, false eyelashes which had been peeled off prematurely because tears of laughter had caused the glue to come unstuck, and the remnants of what was once a large chocolate-fudge birthday cake.

My 30th was a great night, partly due to the number of cocktails consumed, but mostly thanks to the company of great family and friends.

I had heard people bemoaning the fact that advancing age made their hangovers more torturous, and I could testify to that. Perhaps had I indulged in some of the delicious (or so I was told) party food and cake I would have felt less nauseous. However, excitement had diminished my appetite and, besides, there was not room in my corset top for liquids and solids, so I paid for it heavily the day after the night before.

Monday was a welcome feel-good contrast. Hillstreet Family Resource Centre, where I am attending my Healthy Living course, held a day of pampering to celebrate International Women's Day. They do amazing work for women all-year round but on this particular day they provided make-up applications, massages, reflexology, facials and nail treatments -- all free of charge. Women of every age queued for some well-deserved beauty and relaxing indulgences, one such lady had to have been in her eighties and seemed elated after her facial. I too left feeling relaxed and lighter -- the perfect 30th birthday eve.

I thought I would wake up as a 30 year old feeling different, and I suppose in a way I did. I felt relieved.

The countdown was over, and the rest of my life was about to begin. I tore through my cards and presents before being taken out by the Scot for a brunch of eggs benedict. It beats egg McMuffin -- so twenties!

I have learned a lot in the past six months, mainly about myself. I am the ultimate procrastinator but I am determined, and that is how I managed to complete five of my six 'before I'm 30 tasks' by the skin of my teeth. I am still chasing the 'find a proper job' task, but considering half of the country is too, I won't beat myself up over it. Now, roll on 31!