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'The procedure itself, you don't really feel a thing'

WELL-KNOWN radio broadcaster Sean Moncrieff had a vasectomy nine years ago.

When someone has decided not to have any more children, "it’s a completely sensible decision to make," he says.

The 49-year-old dad of four had the procedure done in 2002. Speaking afterwards, he said: "I mean, when you look at the pain of childbirth, it does not even compare to a five-minute snip."

And that is a view he still holds today. "Absolutely, I mean it's a walk in the park compared to squeezing out a child," he says.

He had previously gone to a GP for a consultation. He admits he was a bit nervous about what the procedure itself would entail.

His wife drove with him to the doctor who was going to do the procedure in Co Kildare. "It was over fairly quickly," he remembers.

"You can't really see what is going on. You are sitting in a chair. I was trying to make small talk because it's obviously a bit of a weird situation," he says.

"I would recommend it. The procedure itself, you don't really feel a thing. You kind of hear a noise," he said.

"For about a week afterwards you are a bit swollen, and then you're grand again."

He said that he was in a documentary that aired on RTE some time afterwards which dealt with the topic, and he had fellas coming to him on the street and going 'God, that was very brave.' But Sean said: "it's the sensible thing to do."

The Irish Family Planning Association said recently that vasectomy "has become a very acceptable choice thanks to some brave men who broke the taboo and spoke about their own experience of vasectomy, including the recently deceased broadcaster Gerry Ryan. The RTE star spoke about his vasectomy publicly when he had it done in October 2000. He told listeners that he was a "gibbering wreck" beforehand.