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The little blue tin of white magic

Nivea seems as if it has been around forever. Well, not quite, but it has been around for almost a century.

The original Nivea crème formula, created back in 1911, was something of a scientific breakthrough. The German creators, Beiersdorf, discovered an emulsifier, Eucerite, that meant that oil and water could be combined to give a long-lasting stable ointment base. It also contains cholesterol and gentle alpha hydroxy acids to help skin get rid of dead skin cells. The resulting revolutionary white cream gave the brand its name -- in Latin nivea means snow white. And with natural ingredients such as citric acid, oil of rose and glycerine, with not a preservative in sight, it proved to be suitable for all skin types. The formula is the same today and the classic blue tin and distinctive fragrance are instantly recognisable to women of all ages.

Over the years the family-owned Nivea brand has expanded to include a brilliant sun protection range, baby-care products, lip balms, shower gels and, of course, the well-regarded Nivea For Men range. The brand is sold in more than 170 countries and has topped the Reader's Digest Most Trusted Brand poll nine times.

fans: Samantha Mumba, Sarah Cox, Rachel Stevens, Jemma Kidd and Tess Daly are all said to be fans and Guy Pearce uses the Nivea For Men range.

If you buy JUST one product: Try Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q10 Plus Day Cream SPF 15, (€11.61). It was recently revamped to include improved UV filters. Geri Halliwell says it's the only product in her skincare routine!