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The Ki to good health...

FOR many, massage may seem to be a luxury or a means of treating an injury. Yet Ki-massage has many other benefits.

Certain members of the British royal family even have a massage every day if they have gained a few pounds. When you read about film stars losing weight, they are probably having massages regularly to break down fat, improve metabolism and help digestion.

With stress increasingly evident in everyday life, the need to take care of ourselves is becoming much more important -- that means taking exercise, watching your diet, massage, relaxation and spending time doing what you enjoy.

If there were no hospitals, drugs or VHI to take care of our problems we might be sick less often!

In reality, you are responsible for yourself and if you constantly keep going against life it will return your "compliment".

With so many people suffering from back and neck strain due to tension or poor muscle tone, many companies now have in-house masseurs for their staff, especially for those who work at desks all day.

Massage has a written history spanning 5,000 years, but Ki-massage was developed more recently by the Irish Health Culture Association, a leading organisation training highly qualified therapists through a very strict programme. There is no one who cannot benefit from Ki-massage.

With Ki-massage you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation which allows you to withdraw from everyday stress and come back to face life with new energy. This has an extraordinary effect on your health and mental wellbeing and, repeated over a period, brings about a positive outlook.

A good masseur or masseuse must develop the ability to relax you completely, absorb him or herself in the work to bring about a proper state of relaxation for the client.

When you try it you soon see why this ability has been traditionally held in high regard.

Massage is about relaxation but also invigoration; it simulates circulation in a natural way and helps to stop you getting uptight.

It can be used by doctors and osteopaths, naturopaths, healers and other therapists.

Massage is particularly beneficial to the elderly and those who are sick or incapacitated. In others, it is the areas of sluggish circulation not easily effected by exercise which massage will benefit most directly.

Specific massage also helps to remove cellulite using a special programme which has been developed.

To remove the cellulite, massage is combined with a very strict non-fat diet and basically cutting out toxins completely to improve your circulation and to help you get rid of that body fat that can cause the orange-peel effect.

Ki massage brings a sense of wellbeing that is impossible to stimulate through drugs or other artificial means. To be part of this health revolution to improve your life is wonderful in itself.

So what I suggest is that, if you are on a serious programme of getting healthier, have a regular massage.

For those who have never had a Ki-massage I suggest you have a back, shoulder and neck massage to let go of any tensions you may have and when you get into it a little more you will realise it should be a part of your life.

When going for a massage look for a therapist who gives a good deep-therapy massage not a beauty massage with barely a feeling of touch.

Massage is like a good workout and should leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed, unless you specifically want a relaxing treatment.

Enjoy, you deserve it!