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The Bronze Age

Seriously, this is the last of the tanning-related products. The self-tan technology has got so much better (read: less orange) that I will truly miss it over the winter. I don't think I've ever got so many compliments -- everything has been about the glow for me this summer.

ROCKSTAR TAN Exposure: Barrier Cream for Delicate Areas * * * * €18

Well, I wouldn't call my knees and elbows delicate -- more like problem areas. There is nothing worse than self-tan showing up darker in creases, and this stuff is designed to keep your colour uniform. You rub in on, and then are able to apply your tan without having to wait for it to dry, which I didn't believe, but it did mostly work. It's also great for quick clean-ups right after you've applied.

ST TROPEZ Tan Optimiser Shower Cream * * * *, €12

This is to be used instead of common or garden soaps or gels or whatever, because it hydrates your skin and this in turn allows your tan to last longer. I'm not sure why. I think because when we tan, we neglect to moisturise, and this cream helps keep the skin supple. It really makes you look brown as a berry in the shower, so that's something!

CLINIQUE True Bronze Pressed Powder * * * *, €26

This is a great matte bronzer, and takes off the shine without killing the glow, which is exactly what you want. If I wanted to go an even deeper brown, this would be my go-to bronzer. Easy with the application though, because it can be a bit heavy otherwise.

HE-SHI Golden Glitter Spray * * * * *, €3.99

Mad sparkle! You know how they say, hold 20-30cms from body? Uh, that's good advice. Me, I'm happy enough to look like a Christmas tree, but if you like to keep a lower profile, then take care when you aim this canister. It is really amazing, and you can put it on your hair too! And the price! Magic!

ESTEE LAUDER Bronze Goddess Exotic Bronzing Blush * * * * * €35

As it says on the tin, this is a blush, and blush is just meant for your cheeks, but I'm a rebel and like the way this looks used all over the face. You know, on the forehead, and on the cheeks, and on the temples. It's pinky-browny, has got a teeny tiny bit of sparkle, and is a great look for daytime.