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 Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid

 Laura McKenna

Laura McKenna


Jennifer Reid

Jennifer Reid: Slow Jogger

Jennifer has tried the Couch to 5K app, which I would often recommend for beginners, but it doesn't necessarily suit everyone as you can feel very isolated.

It would be great if Jennifer had a friend or group that she could work out with. I am delighted she will be dedicating four to five hours per week to her new fitness regime. This is enough time to get back on track.

Jennifer's task for the week is to simply get out and get moving for up to an hour, four or five times.

This doesn't have to be continuous jogging, as that would be too difficult for now. However, she could start off with a few brisk walks making sure she is building up a sweat and her heart rate is up.

As Jennifer has jogged a bit she could aim to do one minute of jogging and walk for one minute and repeat this about 10 times within the hour. If this is too much, she should stay with brisk walking for until she feels she is fit enough to break into a jog.

Our 30s can be a tough time to maintain a healthy weight as metabolism decreases by 10pc each decade, so diet is important and Jennifer will have to keep this in mind if she wants to lose weight in addition to increasing her fitness.

Laura McKenna: Fast Jogger

Laura obviously knows all about setting and reaching goals after her amazing weight loss achievement, so I have no doubt she will have no problem increasing her fitness and running a great mini marathon time.

Having already completed the 10k last year and in a very impressive time, Laura can now set her sights on a new achievable goal.

Knocking even five or 10 minutes off her one hour, 13 minutes would be amazing and now that she is a further two stone lighter, Laura should find increasing her speed much easier.

Further down the line, when Laura decides on her goal time, she will be practicing her pacing, but her task for the week is really to get an idea of her current jogging speed.

She should set out a route of about 4 or 5km and see what her average speed per kilometre is.

This can be done using an app like MapMyRun or by just timing herself.

Once Laura determines what her speed is we can concentrate on pace and setting a goal.

Marie Carolan: Walker

Walking four miles per day is very admirable and is certainly enough training to complete a 10k walk on June 2. Marie is an inspiration and it is great to see her keeping up her fit and healthy lifestyle at 60.

As we age, our bone density decreases and so weight-bearing exercises are important to build and maintain bone density. Marie's task this week is to incorporate some light weights/body weight exercises into her regime (2-3 times a-week). If she uses a gym, these can be done on some of the machines. However, she can also do them at home.

Squats: feet slightly more than shoulder-width apart, extend arms out so they are parallel to the ground and lean forward a little at the hips. Lower yourself into a slow controlled motion until you reach a near sitting position. Ensure knees don't come over your toes. Pause, then to a count of two slowly rise back to standing position. Beginners can place a seat or bench under them and sit back into it.

Wall push-ups: place arms flat against a wall, about shoulder height, and shoulder-width apart. Bend elbows as you lower your upper body towards the wall in a slow controlled motion. Pause, then to a count of two slowly push yourself back until your arms are straight but don't lock out elbows.