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Tanning diy style

Okay, that's enough non-tanning-related content! Let's get back to bronzing! The technology gets better every year, primarily in the scent department. Self-tan used to be accompanied by a pungency that was off- putting. None of those below stink, although, it must be said, some are better than others.

CLINIQUE Self Sun Body Airbrush Spray, €24.50 HHHHH This is almost as good as going to get sprayed in a salon! Seriously! I may be a bit giddy from the fumes, so cut me some slack. It sprays on lightly, doesn't get all over everything. Oh, and the resulting brownness is amazing, and will garner you compliments all day long.

ROCKSTAR Mousse HHHHI and Spray HHHII, both are €29.99 Oh, this is rock star alright, and yet presents me with a terrible dilemma. Upon application, it looks like nothing much is happening. Upon waking the next day? Holy wow. It looked like I'd been in the Caribbean for a fortnight. I preferred the mousse to the spray, and if you take your time and really go over every inch of yourself carefully, you'll have a spectacular tan.

TANTASTIC Spray, €23 HHHHI Well, sometimes I like to follow the instructions, so I started spraying, and yikes! It got all over everything! Even when I was swirling it around in circles, like the canister told me to do. Much, much better to spray this onto a mitt and apply from there. One you've got it under control, Tantastic is indeed tantastic, and dries without streaking.

NUXE Soleil Prodigieux Beautifying Self- Tanning Body Lotion, €32 HHHII Ooh, this stuff was prodigiously orange straight out of the tube but proved to be less so once it was spread around. However it's lack of light reflection makes me less than happy with it.

ESTÉE LAUDER Bronze Goddess Self-Tan, €57 HHHHI I loved this brand last year, and in the face of so many other excellent products, I wondered how this version of Bronze Goddess would fare . . . and it fares very well. It's a spray-on, and lands lightly on the skin. I was delighted with the tone, although it tends to dry too dark on the problem spots such as knees and wrists.