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Take some one-to-one time with yourself

There's nothing like having a little face time with yourself. If you've got a fondness for a dewy complexion, one or two of the items reviewed ought to help you keep glowing.

VOYA Me Time, €55 * * *

This brand is Irish, organic, and takes its natural elements from the sea. This doesn't smell very beachy, but it feels cool and soothing as it sinks in. I liked its texture -- not too thick, not too thin -- but found it left a tacky feeling.

YES TO CUCUMBERS Facial Hydrating Lotion, €12.99 * * * *

I like the smell of Yes to Carrots, but I really love the smell of Yes to Cucumbers. This lotion is wonderfully cool to apply, absorbs at just the right rate, and leaves behind a silken surface. The bottle is too small though -- this is a lotion, not a serum.

While I did feel as if my skin was being protected -- I tended to choose this when I wasn't bothering with make-up.

ISEREE Day Cream Q10 Max, €2.19 *

Q10 is apparently a co-enzyme. I googled it. It is a nonproteinaceous organic substance that usually contains a vitamin or mineral and combines with a specific protein, the apoenzyme. . . whatever. The thing is, after I put it on, and began to do my make-up, I felt like there were little blobs of cream peeling off my face. No thanks, co-enzyme!

AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES Orange Flower Mattifying Moisturiser, €48 * * * * *

The scent of oranges is invigorating and the cream is soft as silk, making your skin feel the same. I have convinced myself that this is one of my five-a-day -- am I wrong?