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Stop THAT stooping and you'll look trimmer

When your shoulders slope forward everything droops -- your bust, tummy, neck and spine.

When you stoop forward the body becomes out of line, the tummy sticks out, the internal organs don't digest food properly resulting in an accumulation of waste and fat which will build up in the intestines, causing you to feel bloated.

These exercises are designed to give you better posture and a nice symmetrical shape to the shoulders.


When the shoulders are properly toned this will give you more support for your head, neck and back.

Remember, your head weighs an average of 11lb and if the neck and shoulder muscles are weak you will get neck strain from lack of support.

At week 4, you should now be doing 3 sets of 20 repetitions with a maximum time for your workout of 45 minutes. Don't take too many breaks, keep moving from one exercise to the next, and don't stop to chat, stay focused.

Concentrate on each muscle group and connect with the area you are working. This will give you better and quicker results.

Do your exercise workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday do one hour of aerobics activity. This can be a gym class, tennis, zumba, running or a game of soccer.

It's helpful to keep a food diary. Read the labels to find out fat content and watch out for hidden sugar substitutes such as sucrose, palm oil, corn syrup, saccharine, asperatine, fructose, glucose.


The only sweetener that is recommended is Stevia -- a plant extract available from supermarkets. It has a less negative effect on insulin levels, but use it in moderation. A warning also about honey, try not to use too much as this is sugar, too.

Vicki's progress

Vicki is on target with her plan. She has had problems with her energy levels and she found that it was down to eating egg whites, which didn't agree with her.

She has replaced them with wholemeal pasta and brown rice, and finds her energy levels are much better.

Vicki is doing well monitoring her alcohol intake. Let's hope when she is away on holiday in America she can stick to her new, healthier lifestyle.