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Still dying to get back to their roots

The latest celebrity sporting a visible line of dark hair down the middle of her blonde locks is 19-year-old model Pixie Geldof. The striking girl-about-town took it a step further by having a dark fringe when attending fashion shows in London this week.

A couple of weeks ago Drew Barrymore modelled two-toned, dark-roots/blonde-ends hair while touring Europe to promote her new movie, Going The Distance. She turned up on Chatty Man to be interviewed by Alan Carr looking like she had missed not one, but several, hair appointments. The dark roots in her long, grungy, fair tresses all but reached her ears

Of course, stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and the Olsen twins have been going back to their roots for a while now, but is there more to this trend than not having time for a colour touch-up?

Visible roots are meant to look edgy and hip, but have you noticed that celebrities flaunting the look never have grey roots?

Madonna was the first celebrity to appear in public with very noticeable dark roots down the middle of her tussled bob. Coincidentally, she had also just turned 50. Her appearance last year was met with shock by celeb watchers -- was Madge having a mid-life meltdown? Quite the opposite in fact, the Material Girl uses her dark roots to signal that she is not old enough to be grey.

As Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City, Sarah Jessica Parker may have always had screen-perfect hair as the iconic girl about town. But the 45-year-old actress has a completely different look when it comes to hanging out with her children in New York. While taking a break from filming, she has let her dark roots grow down and blend with her golden locks. It's clear that in her mid-40s, SJP is no nearer to being grey than she was when SATC kicked off 12 years ago.

For young celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson, there's no doubt about it but that the trend for dark roots is a way to be fashionably daring. Yet for the likes of 36-year-old Kate Moss, dark roots have the bonus of allowing people see that the supermodel has yet to go salt and pepper.