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Stars talk about their struggle with depression

It's not only Catherine Zeta-Jones and Winona Ryder who have opened up about their struggles with depression.

UMA THURMAN: She may regularly figure on a list of a world's most beautiful women but Uma Thurman confessed that she spent years fighting depression and self-loathing. The actress says the pain of her divorces from fellow actors, Gary Oldman and Ethan Hawke, were catalysts and she worried about life as a single mother.

"My professional life was soaring but my private life was in ruins. For many years I never gave myself much credit for anything I accomplished. I fell into a life that didn't give me the feeling I was doing anything substantial or meaningful. Even when I was starring in big films and receiving a lot of attention I kind of dismissed it as celebrity worship."

KYLIE MINOGUE: After being diagnosed with breast cancer, singer Kylie Minogue says that she found herself slipping into a depression when she couldn't work due to her gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

"I had the feeling I'd been stopped in the middle of a flight. A tour needs to gain momentum. It's just like riding a bike, you need to pedal to gather speed. Suddenly I was torn off the seat.

"The depression came over but I had the goal of continuing the tour and, thinking back, it was a blessing in disguise."


Having shot to fame in 1996, Sophie Anderton was one of the most in-demand models in England. However, she plunged into a spiral of drink and drugs addiction. She checked herself into the Priory clinic and has since returned to the catwalk. "I had depression," she says. "But that was the repercussion of my lifestyle at the time."