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Ssplash the cash and you'll look flash

LET'S take all that money we saved last week and spend it! You can set yourself up for a year of great hair and skin, but these tools aren't going to use themselves. If you lack the discipline, think twice with a few of these. But there's nothing like dropping a bomb's worth of cash to get you to use something. . .

MAGNITONE Pulsar, €84.99, HHHHI

These facial scrubbing yokes are all the rage and this one is notable for coming with a brush you can use on your body. It works really well, but I had a hard time changing the brush heads as the mount is fiddly. Only one star off, though, as I was as shiny as a newborn in one week.

BABYLISS New Big Hair, €59.99, HHHII

This is good but I prefer my Old Big Hair. It's got Ionic technology, which is the new frizz-fighting thing, but the brush is very tight, and I felt my locks got more tangly with this new version. The result is still pretty impressive.

T3 SinglePass Straightening and Styling Iron, €157.50, HHHHI

The thing with this is, all the parts are made with ionic ceramic bits, which means that the hair is sealed and straightened in one pass and the tool lasts much longer. It's expensive, but can be worth it.

EMJOI Micro-Pedi 12-Piece Grooming Set, €49.95 (€99.95RRP), HHHHH

If you like to have nice feet, this is your only man. The attachments attach with no issues and you will have amazing trotters by the time you're done. The bag is also super handy for keeping everything in one place.

OJON Rare Blend Tamer: Instant Frizz Fix, €24 (RRP), HHHHH

Seriously, where has this been all my life? It looks like a mascara comb, but it applies a light gel that makes all those fly-aways go away. It's a total no-brainer and it has my nomination for handbag hero of 2014.


Available online from cloud10 beauty.com, this is a terrific starter set for those of us who have yet to embrace the make-up brush in all its forms. I am one such person who came late to the party!

This comes with most of what you'll need, from foundation application to highlighting, but it doesn't have a pouch, which would have helped with portability.