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Spare your blushes

Of all the things that can go wrong when putting on make-up, I think that blush is the most noticeable.

I’ve certainly embarrassed myself with poorly applied blush; no one noticed my burning cheeks because, duh, they were already that scarlet. When you see someone who looks healthy and full of life, it may well be that they are experts at applying the rosy glow.

L'Oréal Blush Minerals in Soft Rosewood, €6.99 * * *

L'Oréal have taken to attaching brushes to some of their products. Now, you know how I feel about brushes that come with make-up (not good). This brush is actually not bad, but it took quite a bit of convincing to get the blush out of its container. This goes on strong, so go easy, and requires perhaps one touch-up too many.

Becca Beach Tint for Cheeks and Lips in Fig, €23 * * * *

I'm not crazy about things that do double duty, but I'll make an exception for Becca's blush-slash-lippy. It goes on soft and creamy, and looks fresh, even after several hours. Had a bit of a pong, though, so one star off.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Candy, €10.79 * * * * *

Absolutely adore this. Once I began using it, I realised that this little gem is a gem because it is little. Two dabs on the cheekbones, and a blend, and you have officially become 16 again. The glow! It adds almost no weight to your make-up bag, and takes years off your visage.

Benefit Sugarbomb, €33.50 * *

There's subtle, and then there's so subtle I can't tell if I've got colour on my cheeks. This blush comes with four tones and the idea is to mix them together and stroke them on your cheekbones . . . but it hardly looked like anything.

Nars Orgasm, €42, * * * *

Now, what girl won't want one of these? This is considered to be a multiple (heh heh), meaning you can use it as blush, lipstick and, if you're feeling bold, eyeshadow, too. It's a bit on the pinky-pink side, so be careful that it suits your skin tone. I liked it fine, and you need so little that this tube will last forever. Hmm, an endless orgasm, eh? Maybe this should get five stars after all . . .