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Smoking raises bladder cancer

Smoking increases the risk of bladder cancer much more than it did decades ago, new research suggests.

Current smokers have a four times greater chance of developing the disease than non-smokers.

The risk for women is even higher. Previously, 20pc to 30pc of cases in women were found to be caused by smoking. Now smoking is responsible for 52pc of female bladder cancers.

One reason may be changes in cigarette design, say the scientists in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

While tar and nicotine concentrations in cigarette smoke have fallen over the past 50 years, levels of specific cancer chemicals have increased.

Lightning strikes at theme park

Eight people were injured by a lightning strike at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove water park in Orlando.

None of the injuries was life-threatening, said a spokesman in Florida yesterday.

Three guests and five employees were hurt.

SeaWorld's Nick Gollattscheck said the guests and two of the employees were taken to hospital as a precaution. All were conscious and alert.

Rocker's wife divorce deal

Rocker John Mellencamp and his ex-wife, Elaine Irwin, have finalised their divorce, taking joint custody of their two sons with Mellencamp paying an unspecified amount of child support.

Ms Irwin will have primary custody of the couple's two sons, Speck (17) and Hud (16), the court in Indiana heard. The couple's property and assets will be divided according to a prenuptial agreement signed in 1992.

Rembrandt theft found

A small Rembrandt drawing that was stolen from a luxury Californian hotel has been recovered.

The Dutch master's quill pen and ink drawing, titled The Judgment, measures just 11ins by 6ins but is worth ¤175,000.

An art thief managed to steal the drawing from a private display in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel lobby in Marina del Rey.