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Secret charms of concealer

A colleague was talking about how much she liked the Clinique Airbrush Concealer that I had recommended.

This got me to thinking about the concealers I've been testing over the past few weeks. The great thing about concealers is that they can take years off your age. The annoying thing about concealers is that if you don't pay attention, they seep into the creases under your eyes, adding years to your age. Are any of the below worth the maintenance?

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, €18 * *

I found this super heavy, which is the same problem that I have with the foundation. It didn't blend well and settled into my wrinkles, which I can usually hide, except when they get caked with make-up. If you've got serious concealing to do, work away, but this was not for me.

L'ORÉAL True Match Touche Magique, €10.94 * * * * *

Most of the time, the brush attachment on concealer pens like these never work. Not so in this case. Two spins of the dispensing dial, and there's product on the brush. This is light, and goes on smoothly, blending beautifully. Total magic.

DERMALOGICA Concealing Spot Treatment €40 * * *

We all get spots, even those of us who are no longer teenagers. They are a part of life. If you'd like to get them out of your life more quickly, this purports to do so, while also giving said spot a spot of colour. This is pretty good, but the tone doesn't really camouflage as well as I hoped.

LACURA Concealer Pen, €4.99 * * *

This is another one that has a brush at the end of the tube, and it took absolutely ages to pump up to the bristles. What's left of my youth was draining away and the circles under my eyes were getting darker and darker. After all that work, it was only okay. The idea of the brush is good, but its execution: not so much. I ended up using my fingers anyway.

BENEFIT Erase Paste, €27 * * * * *

OMG, do you want a new face? This is magic: dab a little under the eyes, and it's like you've just shed about five years. Seriously. I am giving it five stars, even though it tends to pool in creases -- but they all do; just keep your eye on it (ha, ha) and smooth it around again. It eventually settles down. This is so, so fabulous.