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Rewards are ok, just go easy on the treats

Ladies, hopefully the new runners have been broken in by now and there have been one or two nights where you fought the urge to eat your weight in cookie dough.

Twelve weeks to the Flora Women's Mini Marathon and still finding it soooo hard to motivate ourselves! I'm not comparing us to donkeys but perhaps the carrot-on-a-stick approach could work.

A mere vegetable couldn't entice me off the couch, but there's no point in chomping a family pack of Kit Kats as a reward, just because you made small healthy changes this week.

Rewards need to be savoured and enjoyed. Instead of shoving in the sweet treats during the Coronation Street ad break, we need to set the bar higher.


Rewards don't have to cost the earth, either in terms of money or damage to our health kick.

A long soak with a few handfuls of epsom salts and a favourite magazine is bliss. (My local library asked me to point out not to bring their books into the bath. Let bygones be bygones I say!)

It's crucial to decide on rewards that help maintain your healthy lifestyle. (Step away from the family pack of chocolate bars)

A few ideas for rewards: new exercise clothing; sign up to a healthy cookery class; a manicure that will remind you of your hard work when you open the fridge.

Same goes for a bangle that will hopefully rattle as you try and jam your hand into the cookie jar.

By the time the mini marathon rolls around, you'll be like Mr T with the jewellery. As for the unhealthy stuff, I pity the fool (ahem!) who tries to tempt me with them!

> ruth scott