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Pat Henry's Bikini workout

We reprise the eight-week programme that will transform your body and prepare it for that beach holiday

Week 1

1A: Lunge forward slowly keeping back straight, knee bent and shoulders back. Stand back up straight and repeat five times.

1B: Then lunge forward and turn to the left 10 times. Start from the beginning turning right.

2A On all fours, hold dumbbells on floor, cross the knees and keep the back straight.

2B: Move forward, slowly rolling the dumbbells and lowering the chest towards the ground, then roll back to the start. Repeat 15 times.

Week 2

1A Start with lower back on the floor, hands by your side, head straight and knees raised to chest.

1B Gently lower your legs out straight, keeping feet two inches off ground. Then bend your knees to chest to starting position.

Week 3

1A Start by lying on your back with your heels on the exercise ball. Then put your hands down by your side, with bottom tucked in.

1B Press your heels into the exercise ball and raise your hips, all the while tightening your bottom. Repeat this exercise

2A With one leg on the ball, raise the other leg until it’s above the hip, with foot flexed.

2B Pressing your heel on the ball, raise your hips. Return to the start and repeat.

3A Lie back resting head in hands and lower back firmly on the ground. Gently roll the shoulders off the floor.

3B Sit up to a midway position and then very slowly roll back to starting position keeping shoulders off ground. Don’t rest the abs! Repeat, taking care of lower back.

Week 4

1A Start lying on the ball, legs off the ground, balancing on the mid-section.

1B Roll gently forward bringing feet in towards bottom. Slowly return to start position. Repeat two sets of 20 repetitions.

2A Lie down resting head in hands with knees bent and lower back firmly on the ground.

2B Raising head and shoulder cross opposite elbow to knee, bringing that knee in towards you as you push other leg out. Do 20 repetitions alternating side to side.

3A Lie forward on ball, legs off the ground balancing on mid-section.

3B Roll gently forward, lifting both legs straight up behind, flexing your bottom as legs are raised. Return to starting position and repeat for two sets of 20 repetitions.

Week 5

1A Start by lying on your back with your heels on the exercise ball. Then put your hands down by your side and bottom tucked in.

1B Press your heels into the exercise ball and raise your hips, all the while tighteningyour bottom. Repeat this exercise

2A Start lying with knees flexed and heels on ground, holding a ball then roll the torso forward to a middle position. Tighten tummy.

2B At middle position twist left, roll back, come forward, turn right, roll back slowly. Repeat five times eachway.

3A Start lying on back with, knees bent, feet together, bottom tight, hands on ground and a ball held between the knees.

3B Pressing heels into ground, raise your bottom and at the same time, tighten your bottom.

Week 6

1A Start by lying on your back with feet raised on a ball and arms along the body.

1B Resting one heel on ball, cross the other leg over, resting the foot on the opposite knee. Apply gentle pressure while raising hips. Return.

2A Lie on the back with one leg bent and the foot on ground and the opposite leg out straight, knees together.

2B Press the heel into the ground, lifting bottom upwards and flexing the hips. Return to starting position

3A Lie back on a ball with feet on ground and reach over to hold onto something stable, such as a chair.

3B Raise legs, keeping them straight and together. Lower SLOWLY. Be careful of lower back — don’t swing. Repeat for two sets of 20 reps.

Week 7

1A Stand with legs straight, dumbbells by side, shoulders back.

1B Gently bend forward. Keep legs straight and touch the dumbbells to the ground. Flex hips, then return.

2A Stand straight with one leg curled upwards from behind and balance on the opposite leg.

2B Bend forward, raising the bent leg upwards and straight until there is flexion at hip area. Return. Repeat two sets of 20 reps.

3A Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with dumbbell in hands in front and between legs.

3B Swing dumbbell upwards to eye level. As you come upwards, don’t lock out legs at top.

Week 8

1A On hands and knees, with back straight, exhale completely

1B Arch back upwards, vacuuming tummy up towards diaphragm while holding breath. Repeat.

2A Balancing on side, legs straight with hand on hip, balancing on opposite hand.

2B Keeping straight, lift hips upwards. Raising hand to air, drop hips down. Return to starting position. Repeat.

3A Sitting forward, one leg straight out. Opposite knee bent upwards, hands clasped straight.

3B Moving hand to left, twist body. Change legs and repeat on opposite side. Keep your body in mid-position, flexing your tummy.