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Pat Henry Iyender Yoga: Week 5

This week we look at exercises for the spine

Exercise 1


> Place the feet hip-width apart with the toes pointed forward. Slide the arms along the body with the fingers lightly touching the backs of the heels.

> Inhale and lift the hips and spine up by pressing into the feet, engaging the lower body and core. Press down into the arms and shoulders to help lift the chest.

> Breathe and hold. Repeat for 2-5 breaths.

Exercise 2


> Lie on your belly, with your chin on the floor, palms flat on the floor under the shoulders and legs together.

> With the elbows close to your sides, press down into the palms and use the arms to lift you. Drop the shoulders down and back and press the chest forward. Breathe and hold. Repeat for 2-6 breaths.

> To release: exhale and slowly lower the chest and head to the floor.

Exercise 3


> Lie on your belly, with your chin on the floor. With your hands, grasp the top part of your feet.

> Push the feet into your hands and pull with the arms, lifting your knees and chest off the floor.

> Keep shoulders back, open the chest. Hold for 2-6 breaths.