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Pat Henry Bikini Workout

These exercises are hitting the legs, hips and tummy from different angles.

By changing movements slightly you surprise each muscle group, getting maximum results and improving shape.

Equally important, they can be performed anywhere... at home or on holidays

Exercise 1

1A Stand with legs straight, dumbbells by side, shoulders back.

1B Gently bend forward. Keep legs straight and touch the dumbbell to the ground. Flex hips, then return.

Exercise 2

2A Stand straight with one leg curled upwards from behind and balance on the opposite leg.

2B Bend forward, raising the bent leg upwards and straight until there is flexion at hip area. Return. Repeat 2x20 reps.

Exercise 3

3A Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, with dumbbell in hands in front and between legs.

3B Swing dumbbell upwards to eye level. As you come upwards, don’t lock out legs at top.