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Pat Henry Bikini Workout

WORKING tummy and hips, the rotation of these movements helps loosen stiffness in the lower back and pelvic area.

They are also used in Tantric yoga to strengthen pelvic muscles and protect the lower back.

Exercise 1

1A Start by lying on your back with your heels on the exercise ball. Then put your hands down by your side and bottom tucked in.

1B Press your heels into the exercise ball and raise your hips, all the while tightening your bottom. Repeat this exercise

Exercise 2

2B Start lying on back with, knees bent, feet together, bottom tight, hands on ground and a ball held between the knees.

2B Pressing heels into ground, raise bottom and at the same time,tighten you

Exercise 3

3A Start lying with knees flexed and heels on ground, holding a ball then roll the torso forward to a middle position. Tighten tummy.

3B At middle position twist left, roll back, come forward, turn right, roll back slowly. Repeat five times each way.