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Pat Henry Bikini Workout

THESE movements tighten your bottom and give great firmness to the hips, lower back and abs.

Also, they are wonderful for reducing back pain by rotating the pelvic area, loosening and relaxing the muscles of the lower back and hips which in turn gives you more flexibility. They are also very effective after childbirth, helping to get the muscles back in shape and improve circulation and digestion. With abdominal work always be careful of your lower back.

Exercise 1

1A Start with your bottom on the floor and ankles on the ball or chair, or even the edge of the sofa or bed.

1B Press heels into ball and raise hips upwards, tightening bottom and legs. Return to starting position and repeat.

Exercise 2

2A With one leg on the ball, raise the other leg until it’s above the hip, with foot flexed.

2B Pressing your heel on ball, raise your hips. Return to the start and repeat.

Exercise 3

3A Lie back resting head in hands and lower back firmly on the ground. Gently roll the shoulders off the floor.

3B Sit up to a mid-way position and then very slowly roll back to starting position keeping shoulders off ground. Don’t rest the abs! Repeat, taking care of lower back.