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Pamper your feet!

Feet are kind of gross because they can get scaly and smelly. All day long they take the pressure of getting us from place to place and, as thanks, we squeeze them into stilettos for a night out.

To make amends, I gave my tootsies a turn in Magic Foot, a 60-minute, one-off treatment that continues working over the course of seven days. On the seventh day, you should be resting on feet as smooth as a baby's. Let's see.

DAY ONE Magic Foot is a pair of plastic booties that are loaded with all sorts of things that are going to give me pristine heels and toes. The directions seem like a poor translation from a foreign tongue, and I make a few mistakes. Make sure you slip your foot into the gauzy inner layer, and not between said layer and the plastic shell. Also ensure that you don't need to move, because they are too slippy to walk in. Tingling begins almost immediately.

DAYs TWO-FOUR I expected sheets of skin to be falling off my feet and it is not the case. I have a rough bit of skin on my big toe and I am tempted to get out the diamond file, because the Magic Foot surely has softened it . . . but I am determined to let Magic Foot do its thing, even though it doesn't look as if it is.

DAY FIVE Eureka! A whole bunch of skin is flaking off of my feet! Luckily I'd been wearing socks in bed, or else there would have been skin all over my sheets.

I give my trotters an extra scrub in the shower and, when dried, there is still skin flaking all around the edges of my foot. The hard bit hasn't really budged so I cover them in foot cream.

DAYs SIX-SEVEN More flaking. The soles of my feet are like velvet and the areas around my toenails are cleaning themselves up, and they look as good as if I'd had a pedicure.

DAY EIGHT (SOMEWHAT INTO NINE) Okay, I accept that my nasty feet may have needed more than the prescribed week. The flaking has stopped, and overall my feet look and feel pretty darn amazing. I would do this again, without doubt, and hope that the pristine state of my feet will encourage me to take better care of them. (Not likely.)

Magic Foot is €17; see www.magicfoot.co.uk for purchase. Magic Foot Exfoliator should not be used on broken, bleeding or irritated skin, nor by anyone who is allergic to aspirin. >Sue conley