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Now Vicki can get her ring on her finger...

ONE of the most common areas of complaint we encounter with clients is soft upper and backs of arms. This area is called the triceps and it's also two-thirds of your arm.

The back of the arm can get really soft and flabby if not exercised. Also, fat can accumulate there, causing cellulite.

While lack of exercise will contribute to softness and cellulite, diet is the main cause.


Too much junk food and soft fizzy drinks loaded with sugar will cause the body to accumulate fat, especially on the upper back and arms.

You can see with Vicki that within one week the bloatedness and puffiness even around her hands and fingers has disappeared. For example, a ring that she couldn't wear previously is now fitting comfortably.

In order to tone up the arms, it's really important to do every movement slowly and learn to concentrate on each exercise.

When training, try and feel the pinch at the end of each exercise. Get a full extension when you strengthen your arm out. This gives a lovely diamond shape to the back of your arm.

And don't worry about developing big muscles, what you're aiming for is muscle tone and firmness.

Firmness also comes from increasing your protein daily. Protein comes from meat, chicken, fish, turkey, tuna and tofu and you need at least 65g daily, taken 25g at a time. If you try and lose weight without adequate protein, you will get soft.

It's week three now and your exercise workout should take in all the exercises you have learned so far. The routine should take you 45 minutes.

Do your exercise workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, do an hour of intense aerobic activity -- this can be cycling, tennis, swimming or even dancing. If you're a member of a gym, use the cross-trainer or bike.

Pat's verdict on Vicki

Vicki has lost 11¼ inches off her body, which is terrific. The breakdown of where she's lost the inches is: One inch off her neck and one inch off her arms,

an inch and three-quarters off her bust and back, three inches off her waist and tummy, two inches off her hips, two inches off her thighs and a half-inch off her calves.

Vicki is starting to firm up and lose fat and fluids, which will show in a leaner look after a heavy water loss in the first week.

I am expecting her to lose approximately 2lb of fat per week. Any more than that will be liquid and waste.

Vicki is having a few problems completing her weight-training workout as she feels quite lethargic.

She needs to keep a detailed food diary to see if there is anything lacking in her diet that is causing this.