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Now pals are talking about my shapely legs

This week I'm back to nearly 100pc after being ill, and fighting fit. I've lost another 2lbs bringing me down to 10-and-a-half stone and 19.5lb weight loss over all. When you put it like that it seems insane, as I really don't feel almost 20lb lighter and don't think I really look it either, although others beg to differ.

I used to think it was only half a stone standing in the way of me being sveltely fabulous. How could I have been so naive?

My leather leggings are a little baggy and I can close shirts I used to have to leave open, but I'm far from needing a whole new wardrobe, which is nuts.

I've lost more inches from my stomach, thighs and calves. I never really noticed my legs being big before -- I was always focused on my flabby arms and stomach -- but it's the first thing people comment on when they see me nowadays, so I guess that's a good thing.

I've also noticed my level of fitness rising -- a month ago 10 minutes on the cross-trainer would have left me feeling wrecked, but now I can do it with ease.

I never, ever want to be as unfit as I was at the beginning of this process, so if I take one thing away from this experience, it will be the importance of fine-tuning my body.


I also recovered from being sick a lot faster than I normally would too, which is interesting.

My diet is still good, though not quite as strict as at the beginning as I'm working more brown carbs and healthy fats back in (and maybe the odd square of chocolate), but I'm still losing weight and this bodes well for maintenance in the future. I feel stronger and more energetic, too. Being down 20lbs in just over six weeks is incredible, but not surprising thanks to the help I've been getting. Pat is the man who whipped Damian Lewis into good enough shape to play Sgt Brody in Homeland and has a history of training some of the most ripped celebrities out there.

He keeps talking about me getting a colonic irrigation, though, which does not sound like fun.

I'm stonewalling for now, but I do want to get to 10 stone and it might be necessary to shift those last few pounds. Eek.

Working out has become fun now and I know I want to stay on with Pat after this experience is over -- although perhaps not five times a week, eh?