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No need to browse, I've got it covered

I AM loving the trend towards big, dramatic brows because I happen to have them already.

It's good grooming to tidy them up and increase their impact, and there are a number of products out there that are great at doing this. And best of all, a good few of them are five-star quality.

MAX FACTOR Eyebrow Pencil, €5.19 HHIII This is a rather old-fashioned pencil, but with the newfangled addition of a brush stuck on at the end. The coloured part of the brush is not very soft and I can't say I was ever satisfied with the transfer, no matter what way I tried to warm it up.

BENEFIT Speed Brow, €19 HHHII A great idea – apply brow make-up with a mascara-like wand. But the problem is the colour itself is rather weak and it doesn't make the kind of impression that you would like or hope for. The gel aspect of it keeps your brows in line for the majority of the day, though.

MAYBELLINE Brow Drama, €7.69 HHHHH

This fantastic brush applicator holds way more product than does the Benefit Speed Brow, and way more pigment into the bargain too. The shape of it – bulbous at the end, and thin nearer the stick – feels a bit odd when you want to use the flat part, but this makes for an even more dramatic brow. One application in the morning takes you straight through to the evening (even after a spot of horse-riding!)

MAC Eye Brows, €17.50 HHHII Superfine to the point of invisibility, this gives you incredible control. But because the stick is the same dark brown colour as the product, I kept on twisting up way too much, only to eventually break it. I wasted a lot of product because of this design flaw.

CLINIQUE Superfine Liner for Brows, €17 HHHHI

Now this is more like it. As superfine as the MAC, you can at least tell whether you need to dial up more product or not. Added to that, you can just about draw on each individual hair in your brows. The effect lasts pretty well, although you will have to apply a top-up at some stage.

SMASHBOX Brow Tech To Go, €23, HHHHH

Now this is even more like it! There's a wee well of gel in the flipside of this Smashbox Brow Tech, complete with a tiny brush. You apply the colour from the top end, and then you brush it into shape, let it set and then just forget all about it. This is truly a hero product if there ever was one. Simply put, it gives you Hollywood A-list brow.