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Neck-and-neck race for Sex and the City scarves

Sex And The City fans are set to wrap up in a collection of designer scarves tipped to become a massive hit as rumours swirl that one will feature in the second movie.

When something is worn by Carrie Bradshaw and Co, it's not long before it is the most coveted item among fashionistas across the world, and true to form Ebony & Ivory scarves are set to be this summer's must-have accessory.

The multi-coloured extra-long scarves, available in the Scarf Boutique in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, have been creating huge buzz since rumours of their big screen debut began flying around.

Fiona Gallagher, of Brown Thomas, where the scarves have been on sale since September, explained that the show's renowned stylist Patricia Field fell in love with the €340 silky satin scarves after spotting one on designer Bianca Vaitl.

"She loved how they are so long and basically said she was going to try and incorporate them into the new movie so everyone is waiting to see if one of the girls wears one."

Stylist to the stars, Field was spotted wearing one of the scarves on the set of Sex And The City 2, sending the fashion rumour mill into overdrive.

"Obviously anything that has a connection to Sex And The City whether it's shoes, bags, clothing or scarves, we would expect it to be an instant sell-out," said Fiona.

"Every scarf is individual, no two are the same. You can get a different look every day."