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My one-pound weight gain is a wake-up call

A NEW office job has led to old eating habits creeping back in, weight gain and finally a new determination for Vicki Notaro

This week a spanner has been thrown in my fitness works, albeit a very positive and exciting one. After five months freelance writing (AKA sitting at home with my dogs and my laptop and writing features, wondering how this had become my life), I have rejoined the 'regular' workforce by taking up an office based job.

While this is a welcome move professionally, it means that I can't swan in and out of Pat's gym as easily as I have been over the past few weeks.

Not only am I tired now I'm back to the 9-5 grind, it's also tough to make time to work out, thanks to my new busy schedule.


As such, I have been comfort eating a little due to tiredness and the change in my routine, and gained a pound this week.

I now realise just how important diet is to the programme -- I had a couple of slices of pizza the night before my weigh-in and I swear I could see it in my stomach the next day.

While my progress has been fantastic, I knew my flexible schedule was a Godsend.

I had been planning on blitzing the final weeks, perhaps visiting the gym six days a week and coming out stick thin and fit as a fiddle, but I'll have to re-evaluate my goals. It's tough keeping energy levels up.

I'm not a morning person, so getting to the gym before work is difficult -- it's not even worth my time.

My dogs are also in daycare (don't ask), so their schedule is dictating mine as well as my work commitments.

This means lunchtime and evening workouts as well as Saturdays and also training at home.

I've bought a set of 2kg dumbbells that I can use in the house, which takes a bit of time pressure off. However, it's never the same without a personal trainer standing over you.

My diet is suffering a little, too.

I'm not at home to cook myself random high-protein meals during the day as I have been and the office is a goldmine of tempting treats which I have thus far been avoiding -- not to mention the row of pizza-slice shops that litter the street below.

I'm always starving by the time I leave work, too, and craving carbohydrates.

Sugar has been creeping its way back in and I'm eating more carbs (mostly wholegrain, I swear!) than I ever have before on this programme.


However, my minor weight gain has been a wake-up call.

There's only a few weeks to go, so it's time to get my head back in the game, settle into a revised routine and plan my eating in advance.

It's the only way to make sure I'm still looking good when this project is over in December.

I can't look bad for Santa, right?